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About Us

Hello everyone and welcome :hug:

This Group is entirely dedicated to photography and art showing the essence of liquid.
This includes macro/closeups, waterscapes and water scenes, photomanipulations and traditional art which in some significant way depicts liquids in their various states.
Have a look through our gallery to get a better idea of how versitile this topic can be - from droplets, water, liquid crystals (including snowflakes) to underwater scenes, beaches, drawings and photomanipulations of haunted ships or mermaids.


1. Each submission will be accepted or rejected by admin vote, so please only submit work you are proud of.
We don't automatically write messages each time something is declined but are happy to answer questions.
We will only answer polite enquiries in form of full sentences.
Questions such as "Reason??", "Why??" "Why declined?!" etc are seen as a sign of bad attitude and if you can't be bothered to string a sentence together for us, we feel the same towards your question.

DO NOT flood our message centre with tons of almost identical pictures, for example, if you are taking droplet shots in one session with the same background, lighting and composition, you may end up with 20 good pictures, but you should only submit the best ONE or perhaps two (if for example one is your best crown and the other your best free-falling droplet), because if you try to submit all 20, most of them will be rejected without further explanation, because we need to keep the interest and diversity in our gallery.

2. The criteria for submission are:

- if sumbitting to Macro or Waterscapes(please see this… for definitions) - the photo must be entirely shot by you. NO STOCK PHOTOS ALLOWED!

- if submitting to Photomanipulation/Traditional art folder - all your stock resources must be clearly declared.

- Also, NO DEVART WATERMARKS! We feel they are too distracting, so we created a tutorial… on how to create your own instead

- photo must feature significant amount of liquid.

- it must have a definite artistic quality

- be a quality image with well defined area of focus, good composition and apropriate exposure. While we do accept beginning level as well as advanced photos, we will judge them on the same criteria and if we decline your picture, we will write to you and tell you why.

- in photography galleries, the appropriate use of photoshop tools, brushes, textures and focus-stacking software is acceptable, as long as it preserves the high quality crieria and it does not alter the main subject in any way. If it does alter it significantly, it will be moved to our Photomanipulation gallery at Admin's discression.

3. Each member can submit up to 2 photos per day.
NOTE: If you submit the photo, do not remove it later. Anyone found to be using our group purely to get comments and faves and later remove their work, will be banned.

4. A week starts on Sunday, ends in Sturday, but that's UK time so nobody will be too fussed about hours, this is just arbitrary.

5. On regular basis we will feature the best work from our galleries on our front page as well as in the News articles, but we will write to inform you about this each time.

NOTE: Some people add pictures to groups solely to get pageviews and faves, and after a little while they remove them so they can add them to other groups and so on.
We strongly discourage this behaviour, and anyone who is found to be doing this will be banned from the group without notice.


You will simply need to apply and you are in!
You will be able to benefit from seeing all the new gallery submissions, read our blog entries (which will often have tips on taking various macro pictures as well as general discussions and tutorials on macro photography).

However, we do maintain a high standard for our gallery submissions so if you are still learning, you may need to develop your technique in order to submit your work successfully.


We are a friendly and open group, here to facilitate learning, to share art and experiences, and to form friendships.
In order to do this, we must insist on respectful communication between all members.
No form of discrimination, be it sexism, racism or any other kind of -ism will be tolerated.
In an unlikely event of a dispute, please feel free to contact the group founder photofairy or to write us a group note, we are always happy to help.


You can not suggest your own work as a fave.
Also, when you suggest a Fave, Admin team will vote on it, just like a submission.


Hm, let me think... No :boogie: That's all, folks :D
I hope you enjoy your stay and please do not hesitste to contact me or any of our administrators if you have any questions, suggestions or anything at all :wave:



About Us

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